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    From Matthew Munson@21:4/108 to All on Mon Nov 7 21:17:22 2022
    The Great Escape

    You never knew the reason why I wanted to dash out of class
    You never knew I had an enemy
    Enemy ready to intimidate because I was different
    You thought I was weird
    Until now
    I have a story to tell you
    The reason why I was ready to leave your class so fast
    I had to avoid the intimidation
    I endured before, during and after school
    So, I could get to the next class
    For a little bit of tranquility
    For a secret that took longer to unveil

    Enemies can read minds
    To give the fuel to terrorize
    Making the final class
    For a final year
    Not to remember for pleasure
    I have a story that I need to share
    For once generations ahead will not endure
    Bolting out of class
    Getting the gas to run thru the hallways
    Making sure the enemy is not within

    Heading for the great Escape
    Avoiding the provocation
    For one to have some tranquility for a year I was supposed to cherish
    But the scars still subside
    No mere frivolity for those buried memories
    Letting those feelings pour out
    So, no one else need to fear others to be who they are
    Precious beings needing value
    Run away, run away
    So, one can be themselves one day

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