• Re: engine stuck

    From pork@21:3/105 to IrishMonk on Wed Jan 25 10:47:08 2023
    On 02 Aug 2022, IrishMonk said the following...

    pulled the spark plug and dumped Marvel Mystery Oil in it to let it

    Just curious, did you ever get this repaired? and if so what worked for you?


    Not yet. I have several other projects ahead of this one. I try the kickstarter about once a month to see if it is free, So far the kickstarter wont budge. I tried putting it in gear and rocking the bike back and forth. No luck. Looks like i can either try some other concoctions ( someone in another forum suggested CLR) or pull the motor and put it on the bench and start tearing it down. The bike itself is pretty rough overall. I am not sure it is worth a lot of effort or expence to rebuild.

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